Dedicated  to being a positive source of inspiration & empowerment .. A HEYOKA is a very powerful. Empath that feels the emotions & energy of others inside their body .HEYOKA is not a lifestyle choice but they are destined to live to  their calling . . For the revitalization of those  surrounding them . These people have gift of foresight empathy healing and truth saying . Open mindedness . Heyokas are said to be the rarest & most powerful . The Journey of the EMPATH is to help get to the core of the matter . & Help guide & assist . On their journey. The people that they assist most have been given personal enlightenments by their inner guidance . They also help aid in helping others to avoid calamity. The HEYOKA EMPATH  is only able to guide when this insight has been dispensed. From their DEPTH .from the higher power  naturally  & very spontaneously only when the higher power chooses to dispense  this knowledge . It's not be forced at will.

Heyokas have transcended from the voids of their suffering.  With tremendous spiritual clarity and given knowledge that is for embetterment revitalization catalyst.













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